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Boss is ''delighted'' with Snow Fairy

Thu 11 November 2010

SNOW FAIRY, our dual classic queen who has a big date in Japan on Sunday when she flies the flag for Britain in the Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Cup at Kyoto, continues to thrive in her temporary new surroundings, and Ed, who arrived late Wednesday night, expressed himself "delighted" with the filly's condition.

Being 6' 5", Ed stands out as "a second Goliath" in Japan, and as he walked back to the railway station to catch his train back to the hotel after supervising evening stables at the track on Thursday, he was stopped every few seconds by inquisitive locals anxious to see if he was the kid brother of Jaws, the giant-sized "baddie" from the James Bond films.

Eventually escaping his "fans" to deliver a bulletin on Snow Fairy's well-being, Ed said:"She looks well and seems very well in herself, too. She had a blow-out on the grass this morning and everything went fine. The ground will be quick, but that is fine by us and I am more concerned about the tough opposition that we face."

"However, there is terrific prize money on the table and we are being looked after brilliantly. It was a long enough journey for me (24hrs) but was obviously worse for the filly, who had to stop off in Amsterdam and Milan, but she has taken the journey well and we will see how Sunday goes before deciding whether to accept the invitation to stay on for the Japan Cup. It is obviously late in the year, especially for a filly, but I could not be happier with her, and we'll give it our best shot."

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