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The Start Of The New Crop

Mon 16 November 2020

With winter fast approaching it is an exciting time of year for everyone here at La Grange as the next batch of yearlings begin to learn how to become a racehorse.

The breaking in of our yearlings is entrusted to my Travelling Head Lad, Robin Trevor Jones and my Pupil Assistant, Harriet Shirra. It takes roughly two weeks for a yearling to go from unbroken to being ridden away and it is a long methodical process which has been almost unchanged for centuries.

The process starts with them being lunged, long reined and driven, this method teaches them how to stop and turn, mimicking an actual rider controlling the horse. Then a roller which imitates a saddle is placed on them and the same process is continued. Once the horse accepts a roller you will then saddle them and slowly start to back them. When they are comfortable enough, a rider will first start to lay over them, getting them used to this feeling before fully mounting the horse. Once they are mounted, trotting and hacking away the process is finished and the horses can then join the main string.

Our first batch as pictured above are now on the heath learning what life is all about and we cannot wait to see how they develop over the coming months as we work out who our new champion is.

I hope everyone is well and staying safe and we will keep you updated as to what is going on here.

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